About Us

As one of the pioneers in the property management industry with well over 15 years experience we are one of the leading property management firms on the Maltese island and strive to keep on improving our service on a daily basis. We have been entrusted to manage the administration of condominiums ranging from 10 units to 200 units per block as well as various residential units being rented as short or long lets.

We are proud to say that we enjoy an excellent reputation for being the most efficient, reliable and consistent administrators and property managers on the Maltese Islands. We also offer other services such as project management, cleaning, insurance as well as other services related to property.


“We are happy with the level of service provided by Compass Property Administration, thus far the best administrators we have experienced, including those from other countries.

We are particularly pleased that you communicate all of the various matters via email, as that is also our preferred mode of communication.

You and your staff have also been very helpful whenever we drop by the office.

Warm Regards,


“I want to thank you for the excellent service you have been providing.  I have never before lived in a condominium, so I cannot really compare your service to others but I must say that I am most pleased with all that you do and how you always tackled all issues in a correct manner.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks and regards,

Michael Tanti”

“We are very happy with the service of the administrators.  The property building is managed well, kept clean and things are constantly being done to improve.  The administrators are easy to contact, available to listen if need to and there is a feeling that they take on board what the members need.

Keep it up

Sam & Jes”

“From my perspective your service has always been professional but I can definitely say that it has improved significantly over the past three years, most notably in the way residents’ comments and/or complaints are received and dealt with.

Compass has been proactive and innovative, as opposed to being reactive, which from my limited experience is the kind of service which sets it apart from other administrators.

I am nothing but satisfied with the level of service you are providing to Savoy Gardens. Keep up the good work!